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Black-White Screen model
Product Category:Black-White Screen model
Product Code:SD-PH828D
Product Name:GPS-WiFi positioning Watch for Children
Updated:2017-2-27 21:03:27
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It is featured with the latest High-Tech "GPS positioning + WiFi positioning + LBS positioning + Emergency Voice Record + Fall OFF wrist Alert + Pedometer + 2-way talk communication + one button SOS". Compared with other general GPS watch in the current market, this new model has the revolutionary feature!  There have no any other companies developed the "WiFi positioning" technology(No need User name, No need Password) for the Safety wearable Watch items so far!!!

Please see the details as follows:
(1) Our watch is "GPS+WiFi+LBS" 3 in1 positioning. WiFi accurate positioning technology indoors(No need WiFi user name, No need WiFi password) - - - - - - There have no any other companies have such technology so far!! 
(2) The general one in the  current market is only ""GPS+LBS" 2 in1 positioning". When the kids are indoors there has no GPS signal, for the general GPS watch in the current market, the location can only be determined by LBS indoors, the accuracy of LBS positioning is horrible which is from 900 meters to 5 kilometers
(3) For our watch, when the kids are indoors, so long as there has any WiFi signal, then the location can be determined by WiFi, the accuracy is 10-30 meters. No need WiFi user name, No need WiFi password
(4) Another important feature of "Alert for Falling OFF from Wrist": when the watch Falls OFF from kid's wrist, the parents can receive the alert from the APP

What the Advanced Unique Features this Watch has?
For this model, the positioning can be determined by either of "GPS" or "WiFi" or "LBS", the Watch can blend these three signals (GPS-Wifi-GSM), and calculate the best positioning result. And when the positioning is determined by WiFi, there No Needing password for the WiFi, so long as there have any WiFi signal, then the Watch will AUTOMATICALLY detect the Wifi signal to do the positioning! With WiFi positioning and GPS positioning 2 in 1 features, the guardians can know the Kid's accurate location any where including both the OUTdoors and INdoors. As we know nowadays there have WiFi signal in any shopping malls or public places. So that model will be quite unique! Please have a look at the picture as following, which show the product features
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