2.4GHz Gyro+Touchapd Remote
2.4GHz Touchpad Remote Control
2.4GHz Smart Mini Keyboard
Portable MiFi LTE 4G Router
>>  Model#SD-R018
>>  Model#SD-R019
>>  Model#SD-R017
>>  Model#SD-R016
>>  MiFi LTE 4G Router related knowledge
Car LTE 4G Wi-Fi Router
Ufi 4G Router & USB Modem
>>  Ufi LTE 4G Wi-Fi Router
>>  LTE 4G USB Dongle Modem
ADSL Internet Modem router
Car MP3 Transmitter
>>  Model#SD-F016
>>  Model#SD-F018

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Video Instruction
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Product Name:"Install APP" & "Bind Watch to the smartphone"
Updated:2017-3-3 0:44:35
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(1) https://youtu.be/nEwP3B8Gg-I   <Install App & Bind Watch to Smartphone. When play the video please select the video quality 720p HD>

(2) https://youtu.be/MVutUwifYe4   <Testing OK in Hong KongWhen play the video please select the video quality 720p HD>
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